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Your booking:

  • You determine the price of your cosy stay depending on the day of the week, time and consumption.

    Monday to Saturday from 5:40 p.m. the rent is €120.00. Until 3:30 p.m. no rent will be charged. On Sunday, our family day, no rent will be charged all day.

    Book your favourite BBQ theme for the price of €19.00 to €75.00 per person. Look forward to a wide variety of starters and main courses. Please find the latest overview of our BBQ themes on the website of your respective Feuerdorf location. Drinks and desserts do not need to be pre-ordered. They will be charged according to the actual consumption.

  • Our cosy BBQ huts for 8-12 people are the core of every Feuerdorf. They are only available via advance booking on our website. However, we are also happy to invite our guests to our famous Salettl-Bar. Depending on the location and season we will delight your taste-buds in our outdoor areas alike. Please find the current offer on the website of your respective Feuerdorf location.

  • Your booking will be confirmed with a deposit of €75.00 by credit card. It will be credited to the total bill at the end of your visit.

  • You can change the number of people or the BBQ theme up to 7 days before your visit. You will receive a reminder email so that you can inform us in good time.

    You can cancel your visit free of charge when booking 1 or 2 grill huts up to 21 days (from 3 huts up to 60 days) before the respective booking date.

    Afterwards the following cancellation rates will be charged:

    Cancellation 20-15 days before the booking date: 50% of the order value
    Cancellation 14-8 days before the booking date: 70% of the order value
    Cancellation 7 or less days before the booking date: 100% of the order value

    The order value consists of your deposit, rent and pre-ordered meals for all people. We will try to find replacements for cancelled BBQ huts as far as possible to save you cancellation costs. Please find more Information in our general terms and conditions.

  • Up to 3 BBQ huts can be connected for up to 36 people. We will remove parts of the partition walls for you so that you can communicate and celebrate directly with your friends. The huts remain accessible separately and every hut keeps its own fireplace.

    Furthermore, we are happy to provide the Salettl-Bar for 40 people or the entire Feuerdorf for events with up to 220 people.

  • Our Salettl-Bar is particularly suitable for smaller groups, as is our outdoor area in summer. If you would like to book a BBQ hut with less than 8 people, we charge €25.00 per missing person. Please contact prior to your booking.

  • Yes, your dog is also welcome at Feuerdorf. Please note that dogs must wear a leash and a muzzle in public spaces.

Feuerdorf Delights:

  • Our BBQ themes consist of a wide variety of starters and main courses that work best if you agree on one common theme. In our booking tool you can set the number of vegetarians so there is something for everyone. Additional “BBQ extras” complete our offer.

  • Vegetarians are especially welcome at Feuerdorf. We offer a fantastic vegetarian BBQ theme for your whole group or individuals.

  • You will be well catered for at Feuerdorf.
    Thank you for your understanding that food and drinks can only be provided by us. If you want to bring something yourself for special occasions, please contact beforehand.

  • In every BBQ hut you will find a wide selection of delicious drinks waiting for you. The amount is always the same in all huts before your visit. After your visit, we count the remaining stock, which results in the consumption that we charge you.

Your visit at Feuerdorf:

  • The Salettl-Bar is our common meeting point. Once the group is complete your host will guide you to your hut. You will have a brief introduction in safety and some organisational matters. Then it is time to allocate different tasks within your team. You will need a chef, a barkeeper and a DJ. Food and drinks are available in your fridge. If you need any support just call your host with your service bell. He will always be available with tips and ideas, help you with the dishes and provide more drinks and dessert whenever needed.

  • Feuerdorf means BBQ fun for the entire family!
    Kids up to 5 years eat for free. From 6 to 12 years the kid´s portion costs only 15 Euros for any BBQ theme. Please have in mind that there is open fire in your hut and the kids will need respective attention.

  • During lunch time and the afternoon your hut is reserved for up to 3 hours. From 5:40 pm you can stay in your hut until closing time, at midnight. At 11pm the latest, your host will start to remove the BBQ utensils from your hut. Afterwards our guests like to take a night cup in our Salellt-Bar.

  • Your booking will be confirmed by a deposit of € 150.00 per barbecue hut, which will be credited to the total bill at the end of your visit. The hut rental, the BBQ theme, as well as drinks and additional meals are charged on site in a total bill. You can pay in cash, with an ATM or credit card in the Salettl-Bar. Thank you for your understanding that we can only issue one total bill. We do not offer payment on account.

  • Our BBQ huts are designed for any weather. In winter they are cosy and warm. In summer you can open the roof of your hut to let the sun in, if you want to. At the same time, the hut protects you from rain or cooler evenings in summer.


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